Savcor – 30 years of real solutions to critical problems

Savcor is a global high-tech company, which delivers advanced solutions for performance optimization. Our mission is to help our clients to achieve the best commercial outcomes in today’s fierce competition. To reach this, we combine our skills, knowledge and 30-year experience with the close customer cooperation, offering real solutions to critical problems.

Process Diagnostics

Savcor Wedge™ tracks down your toughest process problems with ease, Wedge™ is a powerful root cause analysis platform unlike anything you have ever seen – “like no other system”.

Corrosion Prevention

Savcor offers sophisticated protection, rehabilitation and corrosion solutions for all kinds of infrastructure.

Structural Health Monitoring

Savcor Futurtec SHM systems are designed for effective monitoring of all types of structures.

Forest Information Management

Savcor delivers advanced IT applications for sustainable forest management.

Solid Wood Operational Efficiency

Savcor’s ERP and MRP solutions provide the customers an edge in the tough competition of today’s markets.

Process Measurement

On-line air content analyzer Sonica uses ultrasound scattering to identify the quantity and quality of air in paper stocks.