At SAVCOR GROUP, our key intellectual property is related to the material technology supported by extensive know-how in information technology. Recently, our thorough understanding of the behavior of material has been successfully expanded to the laser applications in micro machining used e.g. in advanced automated assembly processes. Savcor’s deep theoretical knowledge has been used in finding solutions to the diverse problems of our clients in multiple industries.


One of our original key customers is the forest industry where Savcor with its products and services covers the complete value chain from forestry to harvesting and further to mechanical wood processing or to pulping and paper manufacturing. For more than 30 years Savcor Oy has been providing innovative solutions to critical material problems, process performance analysis and production optimization for the forest industry.


Cencorp Oyj is known as a leading supplier of laser and industrial automation systems within the electronic industry. The company has now focused its activities to clean energy especially to photovoltaic solar energy. The deep knowledge of automation and laser technologies, as well as experience of the mass production of flexible circuits opens the doors to the growing global market of PV solar energy applications.


SAVCOR FACE LTD Savcor Face provides decoration and metallization services mainly for automotive, cosmetics and consumers electronics industries within high volume mass production. Savcor Face Ltd. is a US company that has its manufacturing plant in Mexico. Our goal is to be the #1 supplier for decorative metallized parts in terms of capacity, quality and price for our high brand customers.