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The history of Savcor

The history of Savcor began in Finland 1981 when two young and passionate metallurgists Hannu Savisalo and Martti Pulliainen founded the company.

In the early 1980’s Finnish pulp and paper industry was still taking its first steps and suffering from chronic and costly corrosion problems. As an answer to this problem, Savcor developed its first cathodic corrosion prevention system. The system was first installed to starch tanks and its effectiveness proved to be revolutionary.

Savcor’s first fifteen years were characterized by the bold and groundbreaking product development. The theories developed were put into practice on site, in the full scale to find solutions to real problems. As a result, the company acquired valuable practical experience and now, 30 years later the products developed back then still form the basic product line to Savcor Forest.

Savcor’s corrosion prevention systems were followed by the development of information technology-based solutions. The development of IT solutions for forestry and solid wood industries extended the company’s customer base into forest harvesting organizations, sawmills and logistic operators. Soon the company became an international operator.

Today Savcor Oy is a fully serving international company delivering advanced solutions for the whole range of the process and forest industry. The pioneer spirit and customer orientation distinct to the early years are still the cornerstones of the company’s actions.

New ownership arrangement executed in June 2015. Savcor Oy withdraws from Savcor Group and continues its operation as an independent company. At the same time ownership base was extended by a finnish investor Saimaa Capital Oy.

Savcor Oy has independent daughter companies in Germany, Brazil and Canada.