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Kohiwood enhances production lines with Savcor

Kohiwood, a sawmill and a producer of glulam products, enhance the production flow with SavcorMES tools using particularly production planning tool MRP.

Kohiwood has a sawmill and two glulam lines in Soini, the latest one being launched in Spring 2007. The glulam boards are always produced according to the dimensions ordered by the customer.

In recent years Kohiwood have invested heavily in quality monitoring and automation.

Kohiwood head office is in Soini, Finland. Kohiwood produces high quality saw timber and veneered board components to the construction industry. Most of the production of own sawmill goes to own production needs. Main markets are located in Europe, Asia and North Africa. 95 per cent of the further processed products go to exports.

Carton board mill uses now Wedge

Stora Enso Fors is developing the workflow in their carton board mill with Wedge. Savcor´s Process Diagnostics System helps finding the possible process hick up´s fast.

Fors Mill is one of the world’s largest and most modern facilities for producing carton board for consumer packaging and printing purposes. Based on renewable raw materials, products are used in some of the most demanding market segments. Typical examples include foodstuff, cigarettes, chocolate and confectionery.

Fors Mill is located in the southern region of the province of Dalarna in central Sweden.



Savcor mukana Puumessuilla Jyväskylässä

Puualan johtava tapahtuma Puumessut kokoaa alan toimijat 6.– 8. syyskuuta Jyväskylään. Teemana ovat puuteknologia, puuntyöstö ja bioenergia. Messuilla esitellään saha- ja levyteollisuuden uusinta tekniikkaa, monipuolista puusepänteollisuutta ja huippunykyaikaista puuntyöstöteknologiaa. Myös biotalouden ja bioenergian uusimmat innovaatiot ovat esillä.

Savcorin saha- ja puutuotealan asiantuntijat löydät osastolta B-299 Paviljongista koko tapahtuman ajan. Tervetuloa mukaan!



Alcoholic beverage company Altia uses now Wedge

Savcor has delivered its first Wedge Process Diagnostics System to Food & Beverage industry. Altia Oyj, best known for its Koskenkorva vodka, was impressed by Wedge’s performance and ease of use. Wedge is rapidly gaining market share in wide variety of industries, including Food & Beverage.

Photo: Paula Tosenius

Altia is a leading wine and spirits company offering quality brands in the Nordic and Baltic countries. They produce, market, sell, import and export alcoholic beverages. Net sales in 2016 were EUR 357 million and they employ 800 professionals.

Delfort Feurstein awarded an order for Wedge

Austrian specialty paper group Delfort has placed an order for Wedge for their Feurstein mill. The system will be the second Wedge to Delfort Group. Process Diagnostic System was delivered in May.

The mill is located in Traun, also the home of Delfort corporate headquarters in Austria.

The mill focuses on manufacturing tipping base papers, ecopac papers, thinprint papers and special cigarette papers.