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Klabin chooses Wedge for the Ortigueira Mill in Brazil

The big paper and board producer Klabin has awarded Savcor  A Trimble Company with a Wedge order for its Ortigueira Mill in Brazil.

According to Process Engineering and Development Coordinator Claudio Ferreria, Ortigueira mill had a need for a special and reliable tool to improve its process data analysis. The mill has a high automation level, which increases the number of tags to be evaluated. It makes more difficult to handle the big data in a common data analytics tools.

–We chose Wedge  process diagnostics system because it gives us much more reliable, fast and easy process data analysis. It makes possible to analyze disturbances and process changes in an incomparable time, resulting in better solutions and actions in a shorter time to correct problems, says Ferreria.

The Ortiqueira mill has the capacity to produce 1.5 million tons of pulp a year, of which 1.1 million tons is hardwood pulp and 400,000 tons softwood pulp. A portion of the softwood pulp is converted into fluff pulp. Wedge installation covers the entire plant of Ortigueira mill.

Klabin is Brazil’s largest paper producer and exporter, the leading manufacturer of paper and board for packaging, corrugated board packaging and industrial bags, and also markets timber in logs.

With the Ortigueira mill, Klabin becomes the only Brazilian company to simultaneously supply hardwood pulp (eucalyptus), softwood pulp (pine) and fluff pulp to the market.  Ortigueira is the only one mill in Brazil producing fluff pulp from pine planted forests, processed in an industrial unit entirely designed for this purpose.



Steam, vapor, and premium quality from barley spikes


In Finland, the name “Altia” is usually associated with alcoholic beverages, particularly Koskenkorva vodka. However, distilled grain spirits form only one arm of this company’s wide range of products: the same production plant is responsible also for starches, raw material for animal feed, carbon dioxide, steam, and barley ash. The Wedge process diagnostics tool is now part of this facility’s complex production process.

Read more about Altia and Savcor co-operation here https://www.savcor.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Magazine-2-2017-web_pages_14-15.pdf


Isojoen Saha Oy enhances production planning with Savcor MES

Isojoen Saha Oy sawmill expands the use of Savcor Manufacturing Execution System’s MekaMRP module at their sawline and packaging plant. MekaMRP helps production planning, steering and reporting and thus increases the efficiency. They also implement MekaMAP which is efficient warehouse management system.

Isojoen Saha Oy sawmill produces some 130 000 cubic meters PEFC-certified softwood timber, pine and spruce, per year in Finland. They have two separate sawing lines, specialized in small and big logs.

Westas  to improve warehouse management and delivery with MekaMAP

Westas Group has placed an order for the MekaMAP warehouse management system from Savcor a Trimble company. Target is to further enhance management of the stock yard and deliveries at both Koski and Pihlava sawmills. Production volume has grown rapidly in both sawmills. The project starts before summer and will be completed in October 2018.


Westas Group, operating in western Finland, is one of the country’s largest private wood processing companies. It produces 450 000 cubic meters sawn timber annually in two sawmills. Nearly 85 percent of the production is exported.



Paroc extending the use of Wedge

Paroc are extending the use of Wedge to cover technical insulates manufacturing line at Hällekis, Sweden Plant.

The insulation producer Paroc has invested in production efficiency by ensuring rapid process performance improvement with the help of Savcor Wedge Process Diagnostics System. The cooperation between Paroc and Savcor began already in 2012.

Paroc products include building insulations for thermal, fire and sound insulation of exterior walls, roofs, floors, basements, intermediate floors and partitions as well as technical insulations for HVAC systems, industrial processes, marine and offshore industry and OEM industry.