Savcor Structural Health Monitoring

Gives valuable information about the structural behaviour

Savcor OHM - a comprehensive Structural Health Monitoring System is essential in large valuable structures, often in critical positions, such as bridges, high-rise buildings and complex architectural showcase projects. Online measurements detect design errors, potential damage or unexpected structural response of the structure. The slow structural fatigue caused by corrosion that often remains unnoticed, is clearly visible in the measurement results.

The combined use of Savcor Cathodic Protection and Savcor OHM including structural health monitoring and corrosion monitoring makes structures “intelligent” and extends their service life. The key features of intelligent structure concept are continuous and reliable dataflow and easily interpreted reporting utilizing Building Information Modeling (BIM) and dynamic 3D models. 

Savcor Service Concept for Asset Owners

Savcor Service Concept is a modern and powerful solution to implement a structural health monitoring and corrosion prevention project. The Service Concept is a link between the asset owner and the monitoring data of the structure. Savcor services include sensors, data acquisition units, servers, installation, training and system support, all in one turnkey package. For the concrete or immersed steel structures, also corrosion monitoring and control is available.

Savcor Data Server has complete and uninterrupted long term raw data storage. Database can handle also Big Data.

The Data Server software has an inbuilt toolpak for both the structural and the vibration analysis. The client will get automatic, periodical reports and alarms for their asset inspection and maintenance operations. Structural engineers can easily access the web-based information platform and make their own analysis about status of the structure based on monitoring data.

References of Structural Health Monitoring


Structural Health Monitoring for cable-stayed bridge  


The Golden Horn Bridge in Vladivostok, Far East of Russia, spans 737   meters across the Golden Horn Bay in the center of Vladivostok city and has the total length of 1389 meters. Pylons are 252 meters high. 
Savcor OHM system monitors this top-class cable-stayed bridge securing its structural safety and prolonging asset life. Real time system monitors strain, tilt, vibration, GNSS displacement, weather data with wind speed and direction, air pressure, temperature and precipitation.

Structural Health Monitoring for a Stadium


Savcor has delivered a permanent monitoring system for Zenit Stadium’s roof structure. Zenit Stadium is a new football stadium in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The capacity of the stadium is 68134 and it was a venue of FIFA World Cup 2018. The modern design of the stadium roof allows its opening and closing according to the weather conditions. The roof is held up by pylons and cables supporting them. Savcor supplied a mobile monitoring system already in 2014 for the construction stage monitoring and in 2017 the system was expanded for permanent use.

Structural Health Monitoring for cable stayed bridge


Crusell Bridge is a cable stayed bridge in the Helsinki city center.  The project was a pilot project in using Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology in design, construction and monitoring as part of maintenance of the bridge. 
 The Crusell Bridge monitoring system is a mix of electric, electrochemical and fibre optical sensors. The electric sensors include 3-axis accelerometers, boltable strain sensors, displacement sensors, a weather station and cameras. The electrochemical sensors are used in two corrosion measurement fields. Majority of the sensors are Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) strain sensors with the adjacent temperature compensation sensors.

Structural Health Monitoring for a Cable-stayed Bridge


Savcor supplied a structural health monitoring system, Savcor Ohm, for the RAO II Bridge located in Hai Phong, Vietnam. The bridge is cable-stayed with a total length of 240 meters and the main span is 120 meters. The RAO II bridge was opened for traffic in late 2011. The sale of Savcor OHM system included real- time monitoring system hardware, software, installation of the system and training. The monitoring system consists of weldable strain gauges, accelerometers, long range displacement sensors, temperature sensors, relative humidity sensors, a weather station and traffic cameras.

Mobile Monitoring for a Railway Bridge 


Savcor implemented an important pilot project in the structural monitoring of railroad bridges for VR Track for the bridge over the Syrjäsalmi strait. VR Track was interested in obtaining information on how the old steel structures of the bridge behave under the modern rail traffic with largely increased loads. The electricity was not available, so a battery-operated Savcor Mobile OHM monitoring system was used in the weeks-long measurements. The installation of the sensors while the bridge was open to train traffic posed an safety challenge for the project. The remote connection enabled Savcor to receive real- time data from the site. All the data obtained were stored in a database and used for assessing bridge fatigue and for planning future maintenance and repair operations of the bridge.

Structural Health Monitoring for a Theatre,


Saint Petersburg in Russia enjoys a vivid cultural life which required a new venue, New Mariinsky Theater. The 8000 sqm  glass and limestone building ranks among the most expensive cultural projects ever built. As St. Petersburg is built on soft marshland, the building is supported by long columns driven all the way to the solid ground. In order to keep track on any movement, the whole structure is heavily instrumented with Savcor Structural Health Monitoring System, Savcor OHM.  The system consists of 338 electrical and optical sensors detecting strain, displacement and inclination.