Savcor Anodic Protection

is effective in very high or very low pH environments

In Anodic Protection (AP), the metal surface is polarized with rectifiers feeding direct current through cathodes. Anodic current forms a strong passive oxide film on carbon steel and makes it corrosion resistant, even in the harshest environments. Erosion corrosion or pitting corrosion cannot cause failures on surfaces with anodic protection. Dangerous cracks by stress corrosion are also avoided. When installed in old equipment, anodic protection prevents corrosion already in action.

The key for protection control is measuring the electrochemical potential of the protected structure. The required protection current is adjusted based on the potential values measured. In an Anodic Protection, the target potential is more positive than the natural potential.    

Savcor Anodic Protection has proven very effective in pulp digesters and impregnation vessels. 

The Savcor Protection System consist of:

• Cathodes/anodes immersed in the process electrolyte
• reference electrodes which measure the potential level
• rectifiers for supply of protection current
• control unit with data processor for accurate current feed

• system software with correct responses to changes in the process
• monitor showing the real-time system data
• internet communication to Savcor Remote Control Center

Success of Anodic Protection has been Proven in Digesters and Impregnation Vessels

Since the first installation of Savcor Anodic Protection System (AP) for the
pulp digesting process at Metsä Fibre, Kaskinen Mill in Finland in 1983 Savcor´s innovative technology has been used to prevent stress corrosion cracking, to stop corrosion or to slow down thinning in numerous digesters around the world.

Kaskinen Pulp Mill had cracks in their impregnation vessel caused by stress corrosion. There was a threat of immediate close-down based on the pressure vessel code. After installation of Savcor Anodic Protection the protected vessel remained operative for 25 years until the mill was closed.
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