Durability, Safety and Intelligent     Maintenance of Buildings

are Achievable with Savcor Products

Savcor Cathodic Protection of Parking Houses

Reinforced concrete structures in parking houses are under the same risk of chloride induced corrosion as the structures located outdoors. Main reasons for the corrosion are moisture and chlorides brought in by vehicles. Studs of the winter tires can damage the floor coatings (if existing) and chlorides from de-icing salts will have a pathway to reinforcement steel surface. Moisture and chlorides can travel above the floor level by capillary phenomenon. Very high chloride concentrations have been found even 1 meter above the floor level pillars and walls.  

The Sructural Health Monitoring Detects the Risks in Critical Structures of Buildings

The New Mariinsky Theatre in Saint Petersburg Russia is built on soft marshland, the building is supported by long columns driven all the way to the solid ground. In order to keep track on any movement, the whole structure is heavily instrumented with Savcor Structural Health Monitoring System, Savcor OHM. The system consists of 338 electrical and optical sensors detecting strain, displacement and inclination. 

Savcor Structural Health Monitoring for Stadium Roof Structures

Savcor has delivered a permanent monitoring system for Zenit Stadium’s roof structure. Zenit Stadium is a new football stadium in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The capacity of the stadium is 68134 and it was a venue of FIFA World Cup 2018. The modern design of the stadium roof allows its opening and closing according to the weather conditions. The roof is held up by pylons and cables supporting them. Savcor supplied a mobile monitoring system already in 2014 for the construction stage monitoring and in 2017 the system was expanded for permanent use. Any stress or unexpected movements are revealed by monitoring sensors.