Savcor Values

Within Savcor, we promote equality and cultivate open atmosphere. Our goal is to work as a team with respect for each individual member.

Continuous learning
At Savcor, we are always eager to learn more. Our intention is to be the best, to be the best we must be innovative. To be innovative we must combine our skill, knowledge and experience with those of our customers. To do this we must understand the value of listening.

Customer focus
At Savcor, we respect our customers. Our aim is to deliver genuine value which improves each customer´s profits. Only through a true partnership with our customers can we achieve the optimum development of our services.

At Savcor, we are aware of the necessity to be profitable at all times. However, we also understand our responsibility towards our customers, the environment, society at large and our fellow workers.

Love of life
Without a love of life and a concern for the quality of that life, profit itself would be meaningless. 

Savcor Mission

 Savcor saves Resources, Money and Environment by Extending the Life of Valuable Assets

Savcor operates in the field of the Materials Science. Savcor Team understands the value of knowledge, experience and innovations in our daily work. 
Savcor strives for the optimized utilization of the limited natural resources – especially metals. With Savcor electrochemical solutions corrosion can be suppressed and the life time of structures multiplied, which saves resources, money and environment. Savcor Stuctural Health Monitoring optimizes maintenance and increases safety of critical structures.

Savcor Management Team

Knowledge and Experience

Corrosion Expert

Timo Laurila

Vice President

Savcor Oy
Insinöörinkatu 5
FI-50150 Mikkeli

+358 40 521 6057

Pasi Niemeläinen

Managing Director

 Savcor Forest Inc.
 102-18940 94th Avenue
Surrey, BC V4N 4X5

+1-604-662 7034

Aleksander Navarrete

General Manager

OOO Savcor Art Rus
Ul. Bolshaya Pionerskaya 13

+7 495 633 2695

Isto Virtanen

Business Area Manager 

Pulp & Paper

+358 40 521 6055

Pekka Toivola

Business Area Manager 

Structural Health Monitoring

+358 44 286 8812

Mikko Neuvonen

Business Area Manager 

Cathodic Protection

+358 40 511 1129

Savcor History

13.8.1981 -

Founding of Savcor 1981

Hannu Savisalo started the Savcor business in 1979 as a private company selling CP-systems for waste water treatment plants made of steel for agricultural schools to Libya and Irak as a subcontractor for Vise Co from Ilmajoki, Finland. The first customers were in fact the administrations of Saddam Hussein and Moammar Khadaffi! Unfortunately, the Iran-Irak war started in 1980 and the visa for supervising the installations was cancelled. It is unclear if the waste water treatment plants were ever built. In Libya the shipment was delivered in the middle of the desert – no waste water pipes were built! An interesting start for a start up company!
Savcor-Consulting Oy was found in Mikkeli in 1981 by​ two young metallurgists, Hannu Savisalo and Martti Pulliainen. They had just graduated from the Helsinki Technical University majoring in Materials Science. The only capital they had was great ideas and a lot of curiosity.
The first product of Savcor, a Cathodic Protection System for small steel waste water treatment plants, was introduced in 1982. 63 plants were protected in Finland by Savcor in 2-3 years in the early 80´s. The product was important in saving the clear waters of the shallow Finnish lakes. (Picture: Savcor´s first trade fair appearance with a demonstration of Savcor CP)

The First Success with the Pulp Industry in 1983

In the beginning, it was often asked, why in Mikkeli? There was practically no industry in Savcor´s home town. A good reason, that may have not been the real one, was found on the map of the Pulp and Paper Industry in Europe. The largest and most modern wood processing plants in Europe were located within  100 km of Mikkeli. The mills in Varkaus, Kuopio, Äänekoski, Kuusankoski, Kotka, Joutseno, Kaukas, Lappeenranta, Heinola were all located around Mikkeli.
Savcor was given th first opportunity to try out its new Cathodic Protection System in real scale in Kaukas Paper Mill´s starch tank made of high-grade stainless steel. The corrosion problem was acute and serious. The technology worked so well that it not only stunned the customer but also the Savcor engineers. In 1983 several Cathodic Protection Systems for the bleaching filters were sold e.g. to then Kaukas and Joutseno Pulp.

The First Anodic Protection Systems for  Pulp Digesters in 1984

In 1984 Savcor applied its ideas of the Anodic Protection in the Metsä-Botnia Kaskinen Mill for a pulp impregnator, which is an essential part of the mill´s production process. It was the first try ever in this kind of massive equipment. Again, the stress corrosion cracking was so serious that it threatened to close the process. The Anodic Protection was so new that the installation was financed by a Finnish special fund, SITRA. The trial installation loan was given to the customer to compensate all financial risk. Savcor was paid in cash! The technology risk, of course, was big. However, the system worked so well that the protected vessel remained operative until the mill was closed in 2009, after a 25 years life time extension. Today, the same vessel still operates for BILT in Ballarpur, India and its Savcor AP System still protects the vessel against corrosion. In 1986 SITRA, already, got its money back and the new Savcor Anodic Protection was ready for the world market. 
The same year the Soporcel Pulp Mill in Portugal contacted Savcor with a very similar aggressive corrosion problem, according to the consultant, only some months of life time left for the impregnation digester. Savcor delivered another Anodic Protection System to Portugal in 1984. The system is still operative, now, under the Navigator brand, and had its third control system update in 2017, 33 years after the installation.

Venture Capital for Export Marketing from The Industrialization Fund of Finland in 1986

The Industrialization Fund of Finland, the first Finnish Venture Capital Company, invested one million Finnish Marks in Savcor in 1986 and acquiring 34 % of the minority shares. The investor supported Savcor in its strive to the global market and in acceleration of the product development. 
In 1987 Savcor Consulting Oy founded Savcor Delaware Inc. in the USA. for marketing purposes and in 1988 Savcor, The Industrialization Fund of Finland and Martti Huttunen established Savcor Consulting Inc. in Vancouver, Canada. Later, in 1990, Savcor founded its third subsidiary in North America, Savcor Ltd, in Atlanta, GA.

The First Savcor Cathodic Protection for Concrete Bridge in 1988

Savcor installed a Cathodic Protection System for a concrete bridge in Emäkoski, Nokia in 1988. This was one of the first full scale installation of a CP System for a complete concrete bridge structure in the world! The system was operating until the decision to build a new bridge was done in 2017, nearly for 30 years! 

One year after, in 1989, Savcor launched a Research Project for measuring corrosion rates of the rebars in concrete. Corrosion Assessment was a new Savcor product applied to numerous bridges, buildings, wharfs and other critical concrete structures for industrial, marine and civil customers.

Sunit Oy was Established for Savcor's IT Company in 1989

One of the most important business ideas at the time of establishing Savcor was the utilization of the latest software know-how available. In all Savcor Systems, an advanced embedded software was needed in building the protection models and formulas for the complicated chemical processes in the Pulping Industry. Further, all the Savcor Protection Systems needed extensive software development for adjusting and controlling the variables of a protection system. The remote control was a must. From the very beginning it was very critical that all the electrochemical criteria is fulfilled at all times. Savcor needed a lot of IT experts. Having hired more than 15 software engineers a specialized IT company, Sunit was found together with CPU of Joensuu and Reijo Heiskanen. From CPU Savcor got new products: computerized timber measurement units and dataloggers. A base for a leading forestry soft ware company was established. In 2016, the whole Savcor Division with its 100 experts was sold to a US company Trimble. 

Savcor Group Ltd Oy Aquired the Savcor Shares from The Industrialization Fund in 1990

In 1990 Savcor Group Ltd Oy, company owned by Savisalo family, acquired the shares of Savcor Consulting Oy from The Industrialization Fund.

Conrex Automation Oy was established to market new products 1991

Savcor acquired and developed many new products in cooperation with the pulp and paper industry. Bright Star,later Lumixa  for on-line bleaching control, Cello, a titratior for bleaching control and Solo, another titrator for caustizising coontrol. Sonica for analyzing air content in a paper machine and Autoelrepho measuring colour of paper.

Conrex Automation Oy in Finland and the US company, Conrex Inc., marketed and sold new products.

Sunit Oy Acquired Masser Oy, 1993, Sunit Mobile Oy and Suomen Metsätieto Oy, 1996

In order to get a better foothold in forestry, Sunit Oy acquired part of shares in Masser Oy, a Rovaniemi company which developed and produced dataloggers for Sunit. Sunit had its own IT-business area in forest harvesting and  IT solutions for forestry, later also in vehicle  computers for harvesters and trucks.
Sunit Mobile Oy was acquired  in 1996 and Suomen Metsätieto Oy (75 %) in 1996

Savcor acquired a Danish CP Company Grönvold & Karnov  A/S and an Australian Customer, Remedial Engineering Pty Ltd, in 1995

Savcor acquired a Danish company Grönvold & Karnov A/S in Copenhagen. The company had resembling Cathodic Protection technology but very different business concept. Savcor wanted to open export markets through the cooperation with this company.

In 1995 Savcor acquired its customer Remedial Engineering Pty Ltd from Melbourne Australia. The new subsidiary doubled the size of Savcor and gave plenty of new markets and experience in remedial construction market. 

To be continued...