Extend the Life Time of Bridges

Bridges are large, costly and critical structures whose maintenance and security are vital to society. On the seafront and on salted roads bridges are exposed to chlorides, as well as strong weather and traffic loads. This will lead affect the loss of the load-bearing capacity of concrete structure and possibly result to a sudden collapse. 

The slow structural fatigue caused by corrosion is long time invisible and remains unnoticed. It is important to monitor and measure the condition of the structure and detect any damage inside the concrete before it is visible. 

The repair work and maintenance cost can be optimized if it is possible to align the repair in the right place and at the right time. The electrochemical protection can be installed to stop the corrosion process before it breaks the structure and the life time of the bridge can be multiplied.

Savcor Structural Health Monitoring and customized Cathodic Protection System can extend the life time of a bridge and keep the operator informed about the detailed condition of structures. The optimized maintenance demands the detailed condition information 

Savcor Cathodic Prevention is installed during the construction phase of a new structure 

Savcor Cathodic Prevention technology for new reinforced concrete structures provides effective long-term corrosion resistance for structures expected to suffer from chloride-induced corrosion during their service life. Savcor can design the most cost-effective Cathodic Prevention system for extended 50+ years life time. 

In new structures, the anodes can be installed directly to the steel reinforcement prior to concrete casting. When installing the CP during construction, savings in the CP installation shortens the payback time considerably.  Also the protection current requirement is much less than the amount of current required to stop an on-going active corrosion.

Savcor offers the market-leading electrodes, its own proprietary rectifiers and remote control units designed specifically for Cathodic Prevention in concrete. Savcor also makes sure the system is correctly commissioned and installed.

Savcor Cathodic Protection stops corrosion in old concrete structures

Corrosion is one of the main reasons causing repair work of concrete structures.  Due to the fact that corrosion of rebars happen inside of concrete and can´t necessarily be noticed from the surface, corrosion in concrete often causes surprises.The structure may collapse or extensive rebuilding is needed.

 Savcor´s Cathodic Protection (CP) is a well-known and proven method to extend the service life of the reinforced concrete structures in case of chloride contaminated concrete corrosion. Cathodic Protection is usually applied during the ordinary concrete repairs. The damage needs to be repaired before installing the CP System.

Cathodic Protection System in concrete consists of 
- accurate , detailed design
- durable anodes 
- reference electrodes for protection level control
- rectifiers for supply of cathodic protection current
- control unit with data processor for accurate current feed
- monitor showing real-time system data
-  internet nnection to Savcor Remote Control Center