Cathodic Protection for wharf steel structures, marine steel corrosion

Savcor Cathodic Protection for Steel 

Extends the Life Time of Marine Steel Structures

Cathodic Protection can be applied to any metallic structure that is in contact with an electrolyte. Cathodic Protection is commonly used in structures such as wharfs, jetties, ship hulls, foundation of offshore wind mills, offshore oil drilling platforms and exterior of pipelines buried in soil or water. Especially, corrosion of steel piles and steel sheet piles buried in a corrosive soil or immersed in water can be stopped by installing a properly designed and engineered Cathodic Protection System.

The most vulnerable areas in sea water are the splash zones and the tidal zones of the structure. The corrosion rates of those areas typically vary between 0.1-0.3 mm/year. However, much higher corrosion rates are commonly recorded. The atmospheric zones of e.g. the sheet piles cannot be protected with a Cathodic Protection System because of the lack of electrolyte. Best protection can be achieved in the most vulnerable zone against corrosion, tidal zone. By combining a coating solution and the Savcor Cathodic Protection will provide a long lasting and economical protection for the steel structures in corrosion aggressive environment.

Savcor┬┤s Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) consist of external power source and non-consumable anodes. ICCP system has a relatively low initial investment cost and can be installed safely alongside the normal harbor operation.

CP is a well-known and proven method to extend the service life of the reinforced concrete structures in case of chloride contaminated concrete corrosion. CP may be installed to a new concrete structure during the building process or to old structure when repaired.