Sustain Structures in Safe Way

Savcor has two important goals in all its operations:

1.  Savcor wants to maintain the built structures in a durable state of operation significantly longer. By extending, even multiplying, the lifetime of large structures, like bridges, wharfs or pulp digesters, brings massive savings in resources, money and environment. Savcor products have proven increased material efficiency possible and cost-effective.

2.  Savcor wants to provide necessary information and advance warnings about the condition of the structures to the operator so that the remedies can be directed at the right time in the right place without risking safety and security.  The data gives the base for intelligent, cost-effective maintenance.  

Steel, plastics, aluminum and cement are key resources in achieving net zero emission

Adoption of new, circular business models based on material reuse and improved efficiency can only bring benefits and give the European companies competitive edge. In parallel, it will lead to significant emission reductions, contributing to our ambitious climate policy targets and improving the quality of life in Europe.  

Jyrki Katainen

Study of SITRA and the European Climate Foundation: The Circular Economy – a Powerful Force for Climate Mitigation