Sundsvall Bridge is Now Protected

Savcor Cathodic Protection Installed for a Sheet Pile Foundation of an Iconic Bridge in Sundsvall, Sweden

Sundsvall Bridge (Sundsvallbro) was opened for traffic in 2014. Already in 2015 it was noticed that the unpainted sheetpile foundations of the bridge supports were corroding much faster than expected. Corrosion was biofilm-induced, resulting from the local brackish sea water conditions. Corrosion rate was so high that the only cost-effective method to prevent corrosion was to install Impressed Current Cathodic Protection, ICCP.

The specifications for the Cathodic Protection system were extremely strict on limiting the chloride gas evolution on the anode surface to make the system perfectly safe for nature.  

Long service life and brackish water seasonal changes on environmental factors lead to a situation where cathodic protection system must adjust the protection current automatically in order to provide best possible protection for bridge support steel structures. The Savcor PROTON EPS system will provide the long lasting protection and storage all the measurement values related to the ICCP system operation. 

Savcor delivered the Sundsvall bridge cathodic protection ahead of time. Deadline for the project was 20.12.2018 but Savcor and subcontractors managed to get the project ready already at the end of November, so the official final inspection could be held on December 11, 2018. 

"Savcor had a good understanding of the quality in every sector of the project: documentation, material deliveries, installation and quality assurance in both paper and practice", says Trafikverket’s (Swedish Transport Administration) Project Manager Anders Westlund.

Brukonferansen 2018

Oslo, Norway, 12 - 13 November

Savcor´s Business Area Managers Mikko Neuvonen and Pekka Toivola took part in the yearly Bridge Conference, organized by the Norwegian Road Authority for the 38th time. More than 300 participants were present. An increasing interest in maintenance of bridges and other infrastructure was obvious. 

Savcor OHM´s (Online Health Monitoring) reliable dataflow and easily interpreted reporting utilizing BIM (Building Information Modelling) and dynamic 3D models aroused much interest in Norwegian road maintenance experts”, says Savcor´s STM specialist Pekka Toivola.

The combined use of Savcor OHM and Savcor Cathodic Protection makes structures intelligent and extends their service life. Savcor´s solutions are interesting for bridge owners, consultants and operational partners, because they want to achieve savings in maintenance costs, increase safety and get base for reasonable decision making. 

For Savcor, it is important to take part in the meetings of infrastructure specialists and provide the information about our solutions and experience together with our significant and very successful references.

Savcor in ACA Australia Exhibition

Australian Corrosion Association Inc. Corrosion & Prevention Conference in Adelaide, 11-14. Nov 2018

Last week Savcor was presenting advanced rectifier technology for concrete cathodic protection in ACA Conference Exhibition in Adelaide.

Many thanks to our Australian agent, Savcor Products Australia, for the opportunity to promote our products down under.

Looking for a process analytics tool or solutions for forestry?

Savcor’s forestry and process analytics solutions were acquired by Trimble in 2017. Those solutions are now found under the Trimble name in different websites:

- Sawmill Manufacturing Execution System Meka 
- Process Diagnostics System Wedge  

Savcor takes care of your assets

Savcor Tempo Oy takes back its original name, Savcor Oy. The name change was registered on Oct. 25, 2018. 
Trimble Finland Oy acquired Savcor Oy in 2017. However, Corrosion Prevention and Structural Health Monitoring businesses of Savcor Oy were excluded from the deal. Those businesses were sold to Savcor Tempo Oy. Savcor Oy´s name was  returned to Savcor Tempo after the company was renamed as Trimble Forestry. 

Savcor Oy is located in Mikkeli, Finland. The company has two subsidiaries, Savcor Forest Inc. in Vancouver, Canada, and OOO Savcor Art Rus in Moscow, Russia.