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All steel and concrete structures are prone to corrosion and aging. Savcor knows that deterioration is predictable and manageable.  

Bridges, wharfs, industrial structures, tanks, pipelines etc. get corrosion attacks in aggressive environment like salt from sea or de-icing the roads as well as corrosive chemicals at industrial sites. 

Savcor has a 40 years hands-on experience in fighting against corrosion. Savcor solutions to critical corrosion problems are cost and material saving, environmentally friendly and they increase safety.

Savcor Anodic Protection or Savcor Cathodic Protection Systems stop corrosion in variable materials and environments.  

Savcor Online Structural Health Monitoring detects potential damage or unexpected structural response or movement of the structure. The monitoring also helps in design verification.

Savcor Customers


Corrosion, Cracking, Anodic Protection for Pulp Digester, Cathodic Protection  for tanks, bleaching plants, Onlinen alkaline measurement, Optimized pulp cooking

Impregnation vessels and digesters are the key equipment in the pulping process. General corrosion thins out the vessel walls and stress corrosion cracking can be the most dangerous failure mode. Savcor has the tailor made proven Electrochemical Protection Systems for a wide range of equipment in the pulp and paper industry.

 Bridges, wharfs and buildings are prone to corrosion in chloride rich environments. 
Cathodic prevention is effective in extending the lifetime of the new structures while cathodic protection stops corrosion in the old structures. Structural health monitoring applications include complex structures such as cable stay bridges, theatres, high raise buildings and stadiums. 

 Savcor provides electrochemical corrosion prevention systems for a wide variety of applications in the process and power industry. These include Savcor Cathodic Protection Systems for pipelines, cooling water intakes and pipes, tanks and reactors.  Savcor Anodic Protection can be utilized e.g. in sulphuric acid tanks and heat  exchangers

Savcor's offering for the Oil and Gas Industry includes cathodic protection for underground  pipelines, storage tanks, tank bottoms and wharf structures in marine terminals.

Savcor Product Lines

MCONex rectifier for CAthodic Protection

Savcor Cathodic Protection System utilizes auxiliary rectifiers and insoluble anodes. It can be applied to wide variety of concrete and metallic structures.

Anodic Protection for Pulp Digester, AP

Savcor Anodic Protection is a very effective way to prevent corrosion in industrial vessels, pulp digesters, impregnation vessels, liquor tanks and clarifiers- in very high or low pH environments.

Structural Health Monitoring for Golden Horn Bridge, SHM

Savcor Online Health Monitoring (OHM) provides extensive information about the performance of existing and new structures over their entire life cycle.  The system can alert the operator before any dramatic failures occur, increasing safety and enabling cost effective repair and maintenance works.

Online Alkaline Measurement,

Monitoring of electrochemical factors facilitates correct timing of preventive maintenance and can also help optimizing the process towards asset-saving direction.